Internal force representation

Now that we have defined the structure of a cloth, we have to consider what forces are applied on nodes. There are several ways for classify forces. One is shown in the figure below, on which we can see three different types of fibers (forces):

  • stretching fibres

    Resist in-plane stretching deformations

  • shearing fibres

    Resist in-plane shearing deformations

  • bending fibres

    Resist out-plane bending deformations

Forces are linear spring forces. See the technical document in the "papers" section for details on mathematic expressions. This organisation of fibers is quite interesting because it allows to control the behaviour of the cloth along with its different deformations separately.

One drawback is that this type of structure only fits for rectangular meshes, with rectangular polygons. As we wanted to deal with a generic cloth structure, we tried another representation.

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