Here you can download some videos in DIVX Pro Bundle 5.0 format. You can download a free version of this codec here

Satin cloth. Look at the good kinematic obtained in real-time.

Skirt falling on a model. This video show real collision detection.

Water simulation. The water simulation uses the same model as clothes above, with only different spring constants (22.3 Mo)

Hair simulation. Another extension of our physic simulation (19.5 Mo)

Fur rendering (17.8 Mo)

(no screenshot yet) Non realistic rendering : toon shading (3.5 Mo)

(no screenshot yet) Another non realistic rendering : check this one out ! (1.3 Mo)

(no screenshot yet) Another satin-like effect (6.6 Mo)

(no screenshot yet) Water simulation, with a surfing ball on the surface. Worth the download ! (3.7 Mo)

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